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KTO Toronto office is giving away 2 flight tickets to Korea, 2 opening ceremony tickets and 3 nights accomodation in Seoul for 2 lucky winners. That's right! 2 Grand Prizes! If you are one those lucky winners, who will you bring as your plus one?

On top of that, each month from July to December, we will be giving away a set of #Soohorang and #Bandabi dolls. Find out how to win in #Shimmycocopuffs's video here!

This is an Instagram hashtag event. Our first hashtag event will be on June 25th in Ottawa at the Korean Culture Fair(at Landsdowne Park). Visit and follow us for upcoming event details!

[Mini Event]
1. Like this post.
2. Share this video to your timeline to public.
3. Leave your shared url as a comment to this post.
4. Tag 1 friend who you want to bring to Korea!

[What to Receive]
2 fans-Soohorang and Bandabi Passport Cover
5 fans-Soohorang Note Pad

[Deadline] July 3rd, 2017 
[Winner Anouncement] July 5th, 2017

* Official Contest Rules and Regulations will be uploaded on June 25th when the contest begins.

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