VIEW 318 Jun 21, 2018

The Korean Cultural Centre(KCC) would like to invite you all to the documentary
film festival hosted by the KCC and the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival
from June 8th to June 11th at the just renovated Ottawa Art Gallery(OAG) and
the KCC Multipurpose Hall. 

Director Jin Mo-young will attend the opening screening with his recent film
<Old Marine Boy> and the screening of his previous film <My Love, Don't Cross that River>.
It could be a great chance to meet the director in person in Ottawa.

*Please RSVP (mandatory): seats are limited.

Please be advised that you may not be allowed to enter if you do not RSVP.

Click RSVP for reservation.

Inquiry: or 613-233-8008

기호 1번 이진수 - 유권자들이 대답합니다 기호 1번 이진수 - 유권자들이 대답합니다
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내 나이가 어때서 내 나이가 어때서
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국립국악고등학교 소리누리예술단 토론토 공연 국립국악고등학교 소리누리예술단 토론토 공연
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