Bella Lim

Do you find that your under-eye area is getting darker and drier?
Is eye cream too heavy for you?
If so, this eye serum may be for you.

The Time Revolution Night Repair Science Reactivator Eye Serum is a firming and brightening skincare product special for your eyes. It has lighter texture than many eye cream products, yet is still very effective in brightening and wrinkle-care. The product mainly contains complex lactic acid fermented ingredients such as Bifida fermented ingredient, Lactobacillus fermented ingredient, and Lactococcus fermented ingredient.

My make-up routine always needs a good concealer for deep dark circles, but still could not fully cover them. I have been trying out many different eye creams, but for my age I found it too thick; most of the times I felt like the eye creams were not penetrating into my skin well. After several weeks of trying out the Time Revolution eye serum, my dark circles have visibly lighter and hydrated.

The following photo shows the before – dehydrated and darkened under eye area, and the after – brighter eye area with a healthy sheen to it.

Highly concentrated with enriched fermented ingredients, the serum is clear and gel-like. The texture is very light, although I feel a bit of oil. The skin instantly feels hydrated and soothed, but without any stickiness. With a little bit of gentle tapping on the skin, the serum adheres and quickly gets absorbed by the thirsty skin.

Only a little goes a long way for this easily-spread serum. When you have some leftovers, just apply it around your lips and under the nose – the areas with thin and sensitive skin layer.

This product is best to use along with the MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence and MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule, but can be also mixed and matched with any other products!

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