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Missha Canada

Hello again!

I’m back with another blog, this time featuring some of the makeup products from MISSHA.

First up is the new MISSHA Signature Velvet Art Shadow No. 21 Magenta Plum Combination. They came out this fall in Korea, and followed by the recent launch in MISSHA Canada. The colours are deep and sophisticated, and are finely texturized with some glowy sparkles. Without too much shimmer, it is a great palette for daily wear or even for a night out by using all colours to your favour!

The overall texture of the shadows are like “velvet”, hence the name Velvet Art shadow, and they do last for the whole day. Even though they are powder eye shadows, the ingredients include hyaluronic acid, collagen, argan oil, and olive oil; all very well known for its hydrating effect on skin.

The product to the left of the shadow palette is the MISSHA Signature Vibrating Mascara. Now, this is a quite interesting product that I have been eyeing on for a long time before I actually tried it. It works on a small battery that fits in a slot at the handle region. It is literally the best naturally volumizing mascara I have ever tried… The vibration of the brush ensures that there is NO CLUMP whatsoever and separates and lengthens at the same time. So in love with it, and I have been recommending this product to every one of my friends. Such a brilliant product.

And now onto the eye makeup tutorial using these two products:

1. Using your favourite eye shadow base, prime your lids

Missha Canada

2. Pick up the base shadow with a wide shadow brush and apply to the entire lid, including the underline area


3. Using a pointed brush, apply the point colour to the 1/3 of the inner and the outer corner, leaving out the centre

4. Wing your liner down to create a more elegant look, and curl your lashes

5. Turn on the vibrating mascara on to 1x, and slowly run through your lashes from roots to ends


*detailed brush cut*

Use 2x for a stronger vibration and an even more dramatic volumizing!


6. Finish off your look with a touch of highlighter shadow from the Magenta Plum Palette at the centre of the lid, inner corners of the eyes, and the brow bones.


And now, here is the final look of the eye makeup!

You may notice the fuller and longer lashes on both eyes, and the deeper eye from the contouring by using the point colour. 


This eye makeup is an easy way to change up your boring everyday brown or pink makeup, with a glimpse of plum. 

This finalizes my blog for today, and I wish all of you a beautiful holiday season with lots of love! :)


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