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September is usually a busy month for everyone. As soon as summer vacation comes to a close, it's back to school, books and work. Luckily for us, Kpop has been more exciting than usual lately. There have been scandals and new releases by the dozens and always something new to talk about. Whether you're a new fan, an old fan that hasn't been into Kpop lately, or just looking for a refresher, I'm here to rundown some of the biggest Kpop stories of September.


By far one of the biggest stories this September was Z:EA leader Lee Hoo, AKA Junyoung making serious accusations against his company, Star Empire Entertainment over Twitter. In his claims, Lee Hoo stated that he had some serious dirt to unload about his company if CEO Shin Juhak did not appease his outbursts. As Lee Hoo began to tweet open more, he revealed the issues were around mishandling of members during variety shows, and unfair contracts, such as the 70/30 split in profits. Z:EA was allegedly receiving 30% to split between 9 members. Lee Hoo began calling out to fans to not be swayed by the flashy exterior, and to take a deeper interest in what really goes on behind the scenes of the industry. The debacle ended rather abruptly with a final tweet, where Lee Hoo explained that he had been in talks with CEO Juhak in regards to Z:EA's contract. The specific details are still under wraps. Although the situation lead to an interesting conclusion, Lee Hoo's Twitter rampage revealed what many of us already knew about Kpop: It can be an unfair and brutal industry. Where Z:EA's future, and ultimately the future of Kpop goes from here is yet to be seen.


Another major story involved the tragic death of Ladies' Code members RiSe and EunB when their van crashed during a rainy night. RiSe, 23, and EunB, 22, died of complications sustained from the accident in early September. Expert statements claim that the van the women were in was speeding in excess of 137km/hr during wet conditions, and seat belts may have not been worn. Ladies' Code's entertainment company Polaris recently released a statement about members Sojung, Zuny and Ashley stating that they are still receiving therapy for their injuries. The fate of the group is still undecided at this point. This is a tragedy that fans and non-fans of Kpop alike are deeply saddened by. Our condolences go out to their family and friends.


Unfortunately this was not the only car accident this month. Big Bang member Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun) was hospitalized and remained in ICU after his car flipped in a September 12 accident. According to investigations, Seungri crashed his Porche into another driver during the early morning hours, and speed has been considered a factor. Drunk driving has been ruled out, and YG Entertainment has kept Seungri's condition quiet. We hope for his speedy recovery.

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And finally, GLAM member and Monstar actress Da Hee has admitted to blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun with a recording of “lewd” comments he made during a rendezvous including alcohol. Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon were asking for 5 million USD to not release the cell phone recordings and also purchased plane tickets to flee South Korea. Gangnam Police have issued a warrant for Da Hee. Questions have been raised regarding allegations of sexual harassment, and whether or not Da Hee will be imprisoned for her actions. Her status in GLAM is unknown.

Now for some light bite-sized news:

  • Crayon Pop of “Bar Bar Bar” fame has released their new subunit, consisting of the Heo Twins, Choa and Way. 
  • KARA member Nicole is rumoured to be making her solo comeback in October.
  • CL of 2EN1 is the first Korean Singer to be on the cover of Elle Korea, and has revealed she is preparing for her first solo album.

That's all for this month. Stay tuned to ArirangKorea TV to keep up to date on all your Kpop news, reviews and more! 

- Sarah 

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