About Us

Arirang Korea was founded to promote and preserve the Korean identity, language and customs
among Korean-Canadians. We support events and activities that uphold the Korean name, which
encourages cultural understanding between Korean-Canadians living in Canada.

As the only Korean television program to air on OMNI Television, each week we offer 30 first-run minutes of the latest updates, festivals, feature interviews and a variety of unique segments for all ages. 

Our news magazine style programming is informative, educational and entertaining for viewers
from a Korean-Canadian perspective and also provide English/Korean subtitles for non-Korean
speaking viewers. 

OMNI 2/East
Main: Sat 9:30 am (ET)
Rerun: Mon 1:30 pm (ET)
          Wed 3:00 pm (ET)

OMNI BC/Pacific
Main: Sun 9:30 am (PT)

OMNI Alberta/Praries
Main: Sat 10:00 am (MT)


The mission of Arirang Korea is to preserve and develop the Korean cultural identity, language, and customs among Korean-Canadians. We support cultural and social activities and projects, from business to sports, which uphold the Korean name connecting to their roots and encourage cultural exchange throughout the Korean population in Canada. 

Today, there are more than 200,000 Korean-born immigrants who have made Canada their home, and make up one of the country’s most dynamic communities, with growth in all sectors — inclduing business, cultural, heritage and the arts. Arirang Korea is poised to launch in Ontario and Alberta uniting many Korean-Canadians in the new global environment, in the best capacity as offered by the political, economic and historic climate of the country the Korean descendants live in. Arirang Korea intends to become involved in all projects that are geared at strengthening Korean identity among Korean-Canadians living abroad. 

Tune in every week, and catch the latest happenings in your Korean-Canadian community. Watch local news and stories that impact you.