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Attention all Ontario high school students!!!!!
Trip to Korea this Summer and receive amazing offers!

Edu Travel for Credit - Explore Korea Promotion!

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Event1-Go with buddy and get $300 rebate on your trip (Offer until the end of Feb)
-If you book your trip with your friend, you can get $300 rebate for both you and your friend

Event2-Book now and chance to win 1 of 10 SHINee concert tickets
-SHINee concert is happening on March 19 (Sun) at Sony Centre Toronto
-10 Person will be randomly selected and given free tickets (A ticket admits 2 persons)

Event3-Free your favorite K-pop star calendar for ALL of you who book your trip by the end of Feb

BOOK NOW your trip and Email to including your name, your friend's name(for buddy event), mailing address & your favorite K-pop star, you will receive your favorite K-pop star calendar!

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