Bella Lim

MISSHA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream & Real Patting Auto Puff (초보양 비비 + 리얼 패팅 오토 퍼프)

With the surprise of snow storms and crazy wind chill in Toronto for the last couple of weeks, many girls are experiencing extreme dryness of skin! This needs to be resolved ASAP with replenishing of moisture. Hydration concentrated skin care is essential, and also on top, your makeup routine might have to change for the time being.

What I will be reviewing today is the MISSHA Cho Bo Yang BB cream. This BB cream has rich ingredients, creamy texture, and sun protection of SPF 30/ PA++, just what you need for this severe Canada winter! It is crucial to put sun protection in the winter, since the UV rays are constantly reflecting back from the snow on the ground to your face! Also, the herbal ingredients in the product give skin-enhancing functions, such as wrinkle repair, brightening, and moisturizing. 

MISSHA Cho Bo Yang BB cream, MISSHA Real Patting Auto Puff (left to right)

The on-off slide inhibits and activates the vibrating/patting motion of the spongy part of the machine. The mechanism for the auto puff is actually very fascinating. As we all know, BB creams should always be applied with patting motion, and this smart machine is doing it for you- faster and better. For sanitary, puff refills are available at MISSHA stores!

What I LOVE most about this product is that it covers so well without being greasy! This product is already very well-known in Korea for its high coverage and hydrating effect. The texture is very creamy and tight, and it stays on your skin for a long time after applying. I used a sponge to disperse the BB cream on the face, and then used the patting automatic puff to even out and set it all in. The more I pat down, the better the coverage and the longer it stays. MISSHA REAL PATTING AUTO PUFF works on two AAA batteries, which one pair already comes with the puff. The bottom of the cap is a mirror, and is quite a compact size. 

The following photos were taken in exact same lighting, no Photoshop or photo-editing tool was used. The first is a bare face; many blemishes, redness, acne scars.  The second photo is only applying the Cho Bo Yang BB cream on its own with a makeup sponge- you can see that the skin is evened out, no redness, no dark spots are visible. The third photo is the other cheek with Cho Bo Yang BB cream and patted gently with the Auto Puff. The face is a lot brighter in tone, looks flawless and ready to build colour products on top!


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