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kfest 2014

Montrealers get it turnt up! Last weekend, the whole gang from Pop! Goes The World! took a roadtrip down to Montreal in collaboration with Quebec co-producers Nana Blackstones and Milin Lafcktop.  We already knew Kpoppers can party, but we never expected THIS level of hype! The show featured a headlining performance from East2West, the original group of B2M’s trainee Lee Yohan (see here for Yohan’s appearance at Eric Name’s concert!)

The all-rounded one day event featured all things Hallyu and more, including over 120 performers and singers.  A warm thank you to Rin Photography for providing the following digital images from the event.

montreal kfest

Kpop vendors and artists lined up along the main foyer area.  From fan art, to clothing, to CDs, all Kpop fans were sure to complete their collection!

montreal kfest

A mountain of EXO merchandise awaited happy stans!

montreal kfest

Yours truly, host of the 2014 EXO Panel!

The doors opened around 4:30, and a massive line of fabulously dressed Kpoppers rushed in!  I hosted the EXO Panel and shared some hilarious stories and prizes with the coolest EXO-stans in the country! Props to the girl who had a dream where Luhan became the president.

In the gym area, more folks gathered for an invigorating class of Kpop Zumba! From what we saw, instructor Ann-Alisabeth sure knows how to get everyone work up a good sweat! Did we mention that Kpop is good for your health? 


I want you back, back, back! Our well-known Youtube dance teacher and leader of R.P.M is Jennifer Martin, who taught Infinite’s “BACK” later into the evening.

kpop montreal

Hyun and I take a moment to snap a picture with our Missha samples!

Free for all! All attendees got to take home a generous grab-bag of high quality Korean cosmetics from Missha!  The discount code MNTRLKFSTS2 can be used to get a 15% discount off! In addition, random fans were given prizes of assorted Kpop CDs and gifts, courtesy of Nana Blackstones.

kpop montreal

2KSquad literally sweeping you off your feet!

As the night progressed, over 300 guests gathered to the main stage for a high energy 2.5 hour concert featuring dancers, singers, musicians, and more!  I was honoured to MC the event alongside my colleague Hyun (AKA DJ Aimee from Seoul).  At one point, the crowd was so loud that we had to crank up the music so that dancers could stay on beat!  Talk about a wild audience! 

montreal kfest

Hyun and I sharing a moment on stage!

montreal kfest

Junie & Sky captured the hearts of the audience with a soulful acoustic performance. 

kpop montreal

Montreal group QU33N show off their girl power!

OHDT from Ottawa received a standing ovation after rather risqué cover of Taemin’s “DANGER”!  Check out the video footage of the performance below:


Girls got swag too! 


2KSquad with a heartwarming tribute to Ladies’ Code.

I was genuinely baffled and so remarkably impressed by how much the crowd loved the show!  Imagine nearly 400 Kpop fans gathered together in one theatre, sharing the Hallyu experience.  At one point the energy was so high, that it brought tears to my eyes as I stood beside the DJ booth.

After 9PM, the hardworking volunteers cleared away the chairs, and VJ Gee and DJ Aimee from Seoul blew up the venue with an All-Request-Kpop dance party!  Lightsticks and balloons filled the air!


I must extend my heart out to all the staff and volunteers who helped make this possible.  We all struggled and painfully moved around sound equipment in high heels and cold weather.  In the end, it was worth it to see the smiles and tears of joy on everyone’s faces.  That is the only way I can describe the shared love of Kpop that brought us all together that night! Fighting!

Montreal is a beautiful city with bright coloured architecture, and I was glad to have a few hours of sightseeing before we drove back to Toronto that night.  A few of us drove down Sherbrooke and had a pub night out with OHDT and East2West until the late hours.  If I learned anything, it’s that Montreal is a city alive at night!


Ottawa Hallyu Dance Crew took me to a charming small macaron shop called Point G. 


The beautiful overhead sight of the Quebec city! Autumn leaves accent such a breathtaking view.

Thank you for having us Montreal!  It was an incredible day of love and laughter, and of course- Dancing!  I can’t wait to be back to dance with the Quebec Kpoppers once more!

For a rundown of Kfest, check this highlight reel, courtesy of Jennifer Martin!

Love, Angel

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